2020 IACP/FirstNet Built with AT&T Indian Country Officer of the Year

2020 IACP/FirstNet Built with AT&T Indian Country Officer of the Year

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De Los Santos

Officer Alexis De Los Santos
Miccosukee, Florida, Police Department

On February 3, 2019, two motorcyclists were involved in a crash with a sport utility vehicle. One motorcyclist, an off-duty City of Miami police officer, tragically lost both legs in the crash; the other motorcyclist sustained such damage that required his leg to be amputated.

During the rescue, Officer Alexis De Los Santos applied tourniquets, administered first aid, and treated both motorcyclists for shock. During the rescue, one of the motorcycles burst into flames. Immediately, Officer De Los Santos extinguished the flames, but the flames were repeatedly reignited. Instinctively, Officer De Los Santos moved the officer on an emergency litter due to the proximity and danger the fire posed. A landing zone was set up and two choppers evacuated the patients.

On March 24, 2019, a single vehicle crashed into the water and was completely submerged. Officer De Los Santos jumped into the water without dive gear, broke windows, cut the seatbelt, and pulled the victim from within the vehicle. The victim was in the water for approximately 8-12 minutes and found the victim without a pulse. Without hesitation, Officer De Los Santos performed FirstAid and CPR.  Ultimately, the victim was breathing again and was transported to the hospital for further care.  

Due to Officer De Los Santos’ bravery and courage, he was able to bring critical situations under control and save the lives of those individuals.


Blog Post


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