2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Transportation Safety

2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Transportation Safety

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2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Transportation Safety 

This blog is part of a series highlighting the 2020 IACP Leadership Award Winners, who have made meaningful contributions to both their communities and the police profession. Their achievements are representative of the incredible leadership displayed by police organizations around the world. 

IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award 

The IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award recognizes public safety individuals and agencies that exemplify excellence in airborne law enforcement operations for both manned and unmanned aircraft operations in the law enforcement community. This award emphasizes initiatives that enhance general safety operations, accident prevention programs, and the efficiency and effectiveness of airborne law enforcement.  


Chula Vista, California, Police Department 

 Chula Vista Police Department’s Drone as a First Responder (DFR) program is a remote piloting, geo-fencing, and pro-active use of drones to respond to emergencies. Innovatively, the remote-operated drones are deployed from fixed locations to proactively respond to calls for service with the goal of arriving on scene prior to patrol units and live-streaming video of the incident. The implementation of the DFR program has enhanced aviation safety and police aviation operation safety in Chula Vista. Upon successful implementation, the department has established a public dashboard that shows drone related activity to demonstrate that police drone operations are a resource for good and helps keep communities safe. Through this innovative and transparent drone program, agency leaders have taken the initiative to collaborate with other agencies to help establish robust drone aviation programs of their own. 



Gary Hill 

Special Agent in Charge 

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 

In 2016, Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Gary W. Hill joined the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Aviation Division, overseeing a fleet of nearly 100 aircrafts and 135 Special Agents/Pilots. Since SAC Hill's arrival to the division, he sought effective and efficient ways to enhance safety within the division. Through SAC Hill's leadership and dedication to aviation safety, he has worked to standardize the aircraft fleet, eliminated single-person offices, expanded the use of Special Agents/Pilots, enhanced efficiency of training programs and aircraft maintenance, and led the division to hold the IS-BAO SMS Stage III Certification. Stage III certification is the highest level achievable, showing an agency has instituted, maintained, and documented a Safety Management System (SMS) program and is continuing to expand through daily operations. SAC Hill's commitment and role within the DEA's Aviation Division has influenced change within the division to maximize operational efficiency and safety. 

IACP J. Stannard Baker Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety Award 

The IACP J. Stannard Baker Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety Award honors the late J. Stannard Baker, who made significant contributions to highway safety. Mr. Baker served as Director of Research and Development at the Northwestern University Traffic Institute (now the Center for Public Safety) for over thirty years. During that time, he focused on the causes of traffic crashes and the techniques of collision investigation and reconstruction. He was known throughout the world as the “Father of Accident Investigation.” Mr. Baker’s groundbreaking textbook, Traffic Accident Investigation Manual, is the worldwide standard. 

State Agency 

Kenneth Clary 


Department of Public Safety, Iowa State Patrol 

In 1994, Captain Kenneth Clary joined the Iowa State Patrol as a trooper and rose to the rank of Captain by 2013. Known as a law enforcement professional dedicated to traffic safety, Captain Clary’s evidence-based Fatality Reduction Enforcement Effort initiative was recognized as an innovative example for the policing profession. Working in collaboration with other members of law enforcement, the community, and researchers, Captain Clary has proactively engaged in increasing police legitimacy in Iowa while providing evidence-based strategies to reduce traffic fatalities.  


Other Law Enforcement 

Mohammed Al Zaffin 

Major General Eng. 

Dubai Police, United Arab Emirates 

Throughout Major General Engineer Mohammed Al Zaffin’s career, he has held several critical positions related to traffic safety in the Dubai Police. Major General Zaffin has been credited for founding the Traffic Prediction Department, engaging in traffic safety lectures to stakeholders, providing guidance on policy and program implementation, and creating the Vision Zero project and the We Are All Police program. Over the years, Dubai has seen a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and dangerous traffic offenses due to Major General Zaffin’s efforts, particularly the Vision Zero initiative. His efforts have contributed greatly to Dubai and elevated communication strategies regarding traffic incidents and statistics as well as identifying the community’s role in improving traffic safety in the United Arab Emirates. 


IACP Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award 

The IACP/3M Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award recognizes the dedication and initiative of individual police officers whose daily efforts during traffic stops play a large part in preventing additional, more severe crimes. This award is designed to substantiate and document the importance of license plates as law enforcement tools and recognize officers who use license plates to prevent and detect both civil traffic violations and further criminal conduct. 

Nabeil Alhantoobi 


Fujairah Police General Headquarters, United Arab Emirates  

While carrying out his daily duties, Officer Nabeil Alhantoobi, a 15-year veteran of the Fujairah Police General Headquarters, noticed a vehicle carrying a faded license plate. Officer Alhantoobi conducted a traffic stop and asked the motorist for their driver’s license and vehicle license document. Meanwhile, Officer Alhantoobi noticed that the passenger in the back seat tried to open the back door, despite it being locked. When asked about the passenger, the motorist panicked and fled the scene. Immediately, Officer Alhantoobi requested support to search the area in which the motorist fled. From their search, it was revealed that the passenger was 17-year-old who had been kidnapped and violently assaulted. Due to Officer Alhantoobi’s sharp observation skills and quick intuition, two suspects were apprehended and are now serving life sentences. His efforts also led to saving the young victim and opening an investigation into the other illicit activities the suspects were involved in. 

IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award 

Traffic safety is a key element of public safety. This is particularly true as the number of traffic fatalities across the world remain at unacceptable levels. Law enforcement and other government agencies as well as community organizations play a key role in maintaining safe roadways and communities. The IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award recognizes organizations that excel in the field of traffic safety. 

Flagler County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office 

In the last two decades, Flagler County, FL has experienced rapid population growth without significant expansion of the transportation infrastructure, leading to increasing amounts of traffic congestion on local roads and highways. To address growing traffic safety issues in their county, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) put together a comprehensive traffic safety strategy to ensure the community’s safety. This comprehensive plan included the implementation of several community initiatives, new technologies, media/social media strategies for public awareness, personnel changes, and analysis methods. From their efforts, the FCSO saw a 44% reduction of traffic fatalities in 2019 and an overall 67% reduction since 2017. The FCSO traffic improvements, identified best practices, and rich data set are an example that can be used in other communities to improve traffic safety. 


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