2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: National Security/Transnational Crime

2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: National Security/Transnational Crime

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2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: National Security/Transnational Crime 

This blog is part of a series highlighting the 2020 IACP Leadership Award Winners, who have made meaningful contributions to both their communities and the police profession. Their achievements are representative of the incredible leadership displayed by police organizations around the world. 

National Security Policy Council 

IACP Leadership in Homeland Security Award 

The IACP Leadership in Homeland Security Award honors excellence and significant contributions to overcoming homeland security challenges. This award recognizes single agencies and multi-agency collaborative efforts that demonstrate significant contributions to information sharing and analytical work in the homeland security enterprise, and/or sound decision making during the preparation and execution of critical incident response, mitigation and recovery efforts resulting from acts of terrorism, and extremism in addition to natural or man-made calamity. 

Emergency Support Function #13, U.S. Department of Justice  

On the behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) coordinates a critical part of the National Response Framework known as the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #13. The ESF #13 is staffed by personnel from a cadre of contractors, prior police and emergency management personnel, and current police officers from more than 40 different agencies. Their mission is to coordinate federal law enforcement missions during natural disasters and other significant events threatening the United States. In 2019, the ESF #13 coordinated disaster preparation and response during Hurricane Dorian which saw an incredible deployment of nearly 500 federal law enforcement officers. Officers were deployed and stationed at State Emergency Operation Centers and Regional Response Coordination Centers along the southeast coast from Miami, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina to assist with disaster preparation and response. The ESF #13’s achievements in cross jurisdictional cooperation, vast geographic area of operation management, strategic deployment of supplies and personnel, reflects significant efficiencies and innovation to disaster response.

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IACP/Booz Allen Hamilton Leadership in the Prevention of Terrorism Award 

The IACP/Booz Allen Hamilton Leadership in the Prevention of Terrorism Award recognizes agencies that have demonstrated overall success in averting, stopping, or countering terrorist activity. It is meant to highlight successful counterterrorism investigations and educate the law enforcement field on instances reflective of collaboration and communication best practices during terrorism investigations. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Joint Terrorism Task Force 

In 2018, the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) conducted an investigation of package bombs addressed to prominent politicians, journalists, and civil servants. The JTTF coordinated with many entities and formed a Joint Operations Center which was comprised of more than 60 federal, state, and municipal agencies meant to establish a unified command to effectively coordinate leads and critical activities across their respective jurisdictions. Through an intense investigation that spanned 10 days, the JTTF and FBI New York office’s investigations successfully dismantled 16 explosive devices from being delivered and detonated, preventing serious injuries and ultimately leading to the arrest and prosecution of a suspect. 


IACP Leadership in Transnational Crime Award 

The IACP Leadership in Transnational Crime Award recognizes outstanding efforts by law enforcement agencies in successfully mitigating the international threats to their communities by transnational criminal organizations. Exemplary programs will demonstrate innovative approaches to investigating and preventing transnational crime, as well as successful information and intelligence sharing practices. 

Dubai Police, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai Police’s Operation Stalker oversaw intelligence gathering and later prosecution of members of a multi-level, transnational drug trafficking organization. The operation began when the Dubai Police received intelligence on illicit drug activity. Quickly working to protect their jurisdiction, the Dubai Police coordinated with INTERPOL and multiple agencies throughout the Middle East in areas where the illicit activity was believed to be taking place. Ultimately, 16 suspects were apprehended, all of which are are being charged with multiple drug crimes. The Dubai Police seized approximately 268 kg of heroin, 96 kg of crystal meth, valued at a total market value of $80 million, the largest seizure in the United Arab Emirates. 


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