IACP Fellowship

IACP Fellowship

The IACP Fellow Program encourages law enforcement professionals to engage in all areas of policing and the criminal justice spectrum while working at the IACP. The programs and services provided by the IACP for its members and the law enforcement profession include policy and program development, legislative support, management studies, training, technical assistance, and much more.

Specific tasks the Fellow may participate in include:

  • Review and become familiar with current and emerging national and international law enforcement and justice policy issues.
  • Participate in developing and managing national and international level policy, programs, research, or evaluation efforts on emerging issues in law enforcement.
  • Attend internal and external executive level meetings that address national level policing issues.
  • Provide direct support to various national and international law enforcement policy or research projects currently underway at the IACP.
  • Participate in advisory panels and boards to address specific issues within policing
  • Attend and participate in IACP Division, Section and Committee meetings to develop an understanding of the methodology to address complex issues in policing.
  • Participate in multinational policing initiatives to broaden understanding of common problems and possible solutions in global policing.
  • Provide first hand law enforcement perspective to IACP produced material across the association.
  • Attend the IACP Conference and participate in multiple networking and information exchange events with global leaders in policing.
  • Participate on panel and educational programming at the IACP conference.
  • Research and write an article for publication in the Police Chief magazine.

These tasks work to meet the following objectives of the Fellow program:

Objective 1: Enhance the fellows’ understanding of global policing issues and methods of influencing law enforcement on an international level.

Objective 2: Evaluate and apply law enforcement knowledge in conjunction with IACP staff to create programs and services that speak effectively to the field.

Objective 3: Exchange critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills in the process of developing informed solutions to complex issues in policing.

These objectives will help to ensure that law enforcement leaders return to their agencies well informed on best practices in policing and with a broader understanding of the global policing profession. 

Contact: Regina Ogunsuyi – Director of Human Resources

Phone: 703-647-7311

Email: HRTEAM@theiacp.org

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