DRE Section Background

DRE Section Background

In 1992, the IACP governing body approved the creation of the IACP Drug Recognition Expert Section. As the by-laws state, the primary purpose of this section is to serve as a coordinating body among the various DRE associations or chapters within states, to serve as a resource, and to respond to the views and needs of the membership. Drug recognition, a growing profession in law enforcement, has seen great promise as a means of identifying and prosecuting drug-impaired drivers. Professional interest in the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program and procedures has grown from impaired driving enforcement to workplace drug impairment evaluation, juvenile justice, corrections, and other fields. The IACP DRE Section provides a unique opportunity for those professionals already associated with drug recognition to share common management, training, administrative, and practicing concerns. Recertification training ideas, continuing and advanced education, creative teaching techniques for instructors, product evaluations (pen lights, protective gloves, etc.), certification problems and solutions, and the development and sharing of databases are some of the issues considered by the DRE Section. The section provides DREs, the practitioners of drug influence recognition, and program coordinators with an ongoing forum for a discussion of needs and concerns through membership in the DRE Section.

Who is Eligible?

Membership in the section is open to all active and associate members of the IACP in good standing who are either certified DREs or who have a professional interest in the DEC Program or procedures. The "professional interest" criterion was designed to allow for physicians, toxicologists, prosecutors, and other professionals to contribute their unique areas of expertise to the field of drug recognition. Voting rights are limited to DRE Section members who are either certified DREs, or who have a "direct responsibility for the management and/or coordination of a DRE program." DRE Section dues are $25. IACP membership is a prerequisite, and any amendment in an IACP membership would also affect DRE membership.

How to Become a DRE Section Member

As an IACP Member, you can simply apply by returning the completed DRE Section membership form to the IACP, 44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314. As a non-IACP member, complete and return both the section and association application forms.

For more information, contact Kyle Clark, staff liaison.

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