DRE Section Annual Recognitions

DRE Section Annual Recognitions

Honoring those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program.

To honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, the IACP Drug Recognition Expert Section bestows three special recognitions annually at the Annual IACP  Impaired Driving and Traffic Safety Conference.



DRE Section Recognitions

DRE Emeritus

The DRE Emeritus is awarded to a formerly certified DRE who has served the purposes of the DECP with honor and the highest integrity. This individual is no longer an active DRE, either through retirement or a job promotion. DRE Emeritus recognition is not supported simply because someone has previously been a DRE. This recognition is for outstanding and extended contributions as a DRE. There must be supporting documentation and descriptions of the outstanding actions taken by the DRE to reflect the contributions made that directly impacted the DEC program and/or the Mission of the DRE Section.

Granted only by the IACP DRE Section, DRE Emeritus and Ambassador status should not be construed as an entitlement by either the individual or the DRE Section. Rather, the bestowal of Emeritus and Ambassador is an affirmative acknowledgement of the individual’s contributions to the DRE community. The DRE Section encourages agencies to draw upon the experience, expertise and historical knowledge of these recognized persons to further the goals of the DECP.

DRE Ambassador

The Dr. Marcelline Burns DRE Ambassador recognition is awarded to an individual who, while never having been certified as a DRE, has made significant contribution to the DECP.

An individual may be nominated for DRE Emeritus or DRE Ambassador status as noted below:

Karen Tarney-Bookstaff DRE-of-the-Year Award

Karen Tarney‐Bookstaff and her husband founded CANDID (Citizens Against Drug Impaired Driving), an organization committed to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities due to drivers under the influence of illicit, prescription, or over‐the‐counter drugs. Karen promoted the DEC Program to officers, prosecutors, and citizens and was instrumental in bringing the DEC program to Wisconsin in 1995.

On August 28, 2006, Karen Tarney‐Bookstaff died of a heart attack. To honor her memory, the IACP DRE Section established the Karen Tarney‐Bookstaff DRE-of-the-Year recognition which is presented annually by the DRE Section of the IACP to a certified DRE who demonstrated outstanding contributions to the DECP for that calendar year. The qualifying period for the award is January 1 ‐ December 31.

Nomination and Selection Procedure

(1) A nomination is submitted by a member of the Drug Recognition Expert section in writing to the IACP DEC Program manager. Full contact information for the nominee must also be included. Upon endorsement by the DRE Section Recognitions Work Group, and after consultation with the nominee’s former state DECP coordinator, the nomination will be presented to the DRE Section for a vote. Nominations should be forwarded to an IACP DEC Project Manager by January 31st of each year.

(2) A nomination is submitted in writing to the DECP state coordinator. Full contact information for the nominee must also be provided. Upon endorsement by the state coordinator, the nomination shall be forwarded to an IACP DECP Project Manager by January 31st of each year.

(3) In those circumstances in which the agency and/or the state has no active coordinator, an individual may apply directly in writing to the chair of the DRE Section for DRE Emeritus or Ambassador status. The chair shall contact the individual’s agency coordinator, state coordinator, or regional coordinator and the IACP DECP staff for input

The DRE Section’s Awards Committee will review all nominations and determine which nominees are deserving and eligible for DRE Emeritus,  DRE Ambassador, and Karen Tarney-Bookstaff DRE-of-the-Year and prepare a slate of nominees. This slate is presented to the section members so they may vote whether or not to accept the slate.


Past DRE Section Chairs and Recognition Recipients


You can view the full list of past DRE Section Chairs, IACP DRE Section Emeritus and Ambassador recipients as well as DRE of the Year recipients here.


For more information, please contact Jim Maisano, staff liaison.


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