Curtis Dyal, 40 under 40

Curtis Dyal

Sergeant, Special Projects Coordinator, Augusta University Police Department, Georgia

SERGEANT CURTIS DYAL completed a successful career with another law enforcement agency, where he attained the rank of sergeant, prior to joining the Augusta University Police Department (AUPD) in 2017. As a new team member, he was eager to embrace the AUPD’s philosophy and its progressive approach to policing. Leveraging his background in computer science, Sgt. Dyal self-initiated several projects to improve the department’s operations. He developed a mobile data terminal program on a budget by refurbishing older computers for better functionality, implemented a new records management system to keep up with the advanced technology in the field, developed a digital evidence management system, redesigned the department’s website for better community outreach, and launched an electronic crash data process.

Additionally, Sgt. Dyal was instrumental with the creation of the department’s Police Explorer program and developed a community services officer program with the aim of an enhanced department social media footprint. Although these tasks were daunting on their own, Sgt. Dyal found time to also become a certified cybercrime investigator. However, what makes him an innovative leader to the department and community is his ability to always get buy-in from his peers to support the mission and to take pride in the department’s future, which has significantly improved the optimism and career path of many of his colleagues. His team approach to all projects within the department continues to embody the philosophy of AUPD’s progressiveness.

“I am motivated by my passion for technology and how law enforcement can leverage it to solve problems that we encounter on a daily basis.”

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