IACP/Flock Safety Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award

IACP/Flock Safety Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award

The IACP/Flock Safety Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award recognizes the dedication and initiative of individual police officers whose daily efforts during traffic stops play a large part in preventing additional, more severe crimes.

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The IACP/Flock Safety Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award recognizes the dedication and initiative of individual police officers whose daily efforts during traffic stops play a large part in preventing additional, more severe crimes. This award is designed to substantiate and document the importance of license plates as law enforcement tools and recognize officers who use license plates to prevent and detect both civil traffic violations and further criminal conduct.

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2023 Winner

Claudia Cormier
San Marcos Police Department, Texas

Corporal Claudia Cormier, San Marcos Police Department, Texas

Then Detective, Claudia Cromier used technology and a single license plate to successfully track suspects across multiple jurisdictions before they were apprehended. Throughout the investigation, she drafted 15 search warrants and worked with multiple agencies to track suspects who were on a mission to burgle storage units. Her hard work resulted in the apprehension of the suspects who were later discovered to have been primary witnesses that led to a homicide investigation. Without her skill, ability, and hard work, it is likely these thieves would have continued their work unabated. This case all started with a single license plate, a skilled investigator, and technology systems that increase public safety.

2022 Winner

Amir Agha-Razi
Provincial Constable 
Ontario Provincial Police, Canada

Agha Razi Photo

Provincial Constable (PC) Amir Agha-Razi's work in traffic safety has led to interdictions, investigations, and seized drugs and weapons, and rescued victims of human trafficking. PC Agha-Razi's use of license plate quarries, in addition to traffic stops, based on his own observations have led to numerous high profiles stops and arrests. Once such stop occurred in September 2020, where a speeding violation led to the arrest of the vehicle occupants for possession of a weapon, forged documents, and a photo of an unknown individual. The vehicle occupants were also known to be involved in human smuggling. During a separate traffic stop, PC Agha-Razi recognized the individual from the photo and arrested 3 suspects. These arrests led to an investigation resulting in the arrest of a major human smuggler in Brazil. PC Agha-Razi's dedication and initiative to looking beyond the license plate, has yielded significant results, and disrupted major criminal organizations. 

2021 Winner

Jonathan Davis
Trooper II 
Virginia State Police (VSP)

Trooper Jonathan R. Davis has pursued a path of valor, service, and leadership. Trooper Davis' traffic stop on a minivan and the legal search of the vehicle ultimately uncovered a credit card theft ring that was operated by two foreign nationals residing in New York. The search of the vehicle yielded the discovery of a large bag containing a credit card skimmer, 14 debit/gift cards, and $140,000 in US currency. Trooper Davis proactively contacted the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to determine if the agency had any intel or interest in these two individuals. An agent was dispatched to respond to the scene. The DHS agent ran all the cards through a mobile scanning device and determined that seven of the cards had been rewritten with stolen credit card identifications. Trooper Davis also contacted the VSP High-Tech Crimes Division for analysis of cell phones and other electronics seized from the vehicle to bolster his case and assist the federal agents with their investigation. Trooper Davis pursued state charges while a grand jury indicted both individuals on more than six felony charges. 

2020 Winner

Nabeil Alhantoobi
Fujairah Police General Headquarters, United Arab Emirates 


While carrying out his daily duties, Officer Nabeil Alhantoobi, a 15-year veteran of the Fujairah Police General Headquarters, noticed a vehicle carrying a faded license plate. Officer Alhantoobi conducted a traffic stop and asked the motorist for their driver’s license and vehicle license document. Meanwhile, Officer Alhantoobi noticed that the passenger in the back seat tried to open the back door, despite it being locked. When asked about the passenger, the motorist panicked and fled the scene. Immediately, Officer Alhantoobi requested support to search the area in which the motorist fled. From their search, it was revealed that the passenger is 17-year-old who had been kidnapped and violently assaulted. Due to Officer Alhantoobi’s sharp observation skills and quick intuition, the two suspects were apprehended and are now serving life sentences. He his efforts also led to saving the young victim and opening an investigation into the other illicit activities the suspects were involved in.

2019 Winner

Saeed Obeid Al Kindi
Lieutenant Colonel
Fujairah Police General Headquarters, United Arab Emirates

While on patrol, Lieutenant Colonel Al Kindi noticed a vehicle with faded license plate numbers and decided to follow the vehicle. After pulling into a gas station, the subject exited the vehicle and began having a verbal altercation with the gas station worker. Lieutenant Colonel Al Kindi noticed the behavior and attempted to pull over the vehicle after it left the gas station. After a brief pursuit, the vehicle stopped, and the subject exited the car. Lieutenant Colonel Al Kindi was able to detain the subject despite heavy resistance. It was later discovered that the vehicle was stolen and related to a homicide involving two victims that was reported just minutes earlier. It was determined that the subject involved in this arrest was the perpetrator in the homicide case and was taken into custody. Thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Al Kindi and his keen intuition, the suspect was apprehended before he could flee, destroy evidence, and escape justice.

2017 Winner

Sergeant R. Gregory Clee

On March 10, 2015, Sergeant Clee stopped a motor vehicle with an expired validation sticker on the plate, travelling in Toronto, Canada. Sergeant Clee ran a check of the driver based off the name provided. Sergeant Clee confirmed that the license plates were not registered to the vehicle but due to a technology malfunction, he was not able to view the driver’s license. Sergeant Clee determined that the driver was driving with a suspended license and issued a summons to appear in court. 

While preparing for court, Sergeant Clee performed another search on the driver. This time he was able to pull the driver’s license photo from the name provided during the traffic stop. It was at that point Sergeant Clee realized that the image on the license did not match the driver of the vehicle.  

Upon further investigation, Sergeant Clee realized that the driver was committing identity theft and impersonation. 

Sergeant Clee was also able to establish that the accused committed fraud against the Ministry of Transportation by fraudulently registering vehicles and obtaining drivers licenses in fake names.

Upon execution of a search warrant at the accused’s residence it was revealed:

  • The accused was impersonating a paralegal and over 30 victims were identified that had been taken advantage of
  • The accused had been selling fake motor vehicle insurance and over 15 victims had been identified that had been taken advantage of
  • The accused had numerous summonses to attend to court not in his name for offences that he had committed.
  • The accused was charged with 39 Criminal Code charges and numerous Highway Traffic Act charges. 




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