IACP Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award

IACP Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award

Created for law enforcement agencies, task forces, councils, community partnerships, and other theft prevention alliances worldwide

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The IACP Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award, was created for law enforcement agencies, task forces, councils, community partnerships, and other theft prevention alliances worldwide to showcase the results of their Calendar Year 2020 theft prevention and/or enforcement programs. Agencies―both large and small―have an equal chance of winning; entries are evaluated on initiative, on use of available resources, and on overall results. Allowing agencies to share how they successfully curbed vehicle theft in their jurisdiction.


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2023 Winner

United States Department of Homeland Security, Office of Homeland Security Investigations

United States Department of Homeland Security, Office of Homeland Security Investigations

This case was designated by Homeland Security Investigations as being in a “Severely Challenged and Critical Location” in which working conditions were deemed to create significant operational challenges. Special agents working the case were not deterred by these challenges, focusing efforts on “following the money” and seeking subject matter experts in a variety of areas to fill gaps in knowledge and expertise. Through countless hours of issuing subpoenas, conducting interviews, and organizing large quantities of data into digestible information, special agents created a blueprint for investigative success. While this case resulted in the dismantling of the transnational criminal organization, it also created a major paradigm shift for Homeland Security Investigations in the Alpine and Presidio area as to how they target human smuggling and money laundering crimes. Twelve individuals were prosecuted and sentenced to jail from this investigation, along with forfeiting rights to multiple vehicles, firearms, cash, and a home.

2022 Winner

DeKalb County Police Department, Georgia

DeKalb County Police Dept., GA

On August 23, 2021, the DeKalb County Police Department implemented a "Hot Spot Initiative" to deter criminal activity and decrease crime in designated Hot Spot areas (high crime areas). The DeKalb County Police Department placed cameras around the high crime areas as an investigative tool. The implementation of these cameras aided in preventing vehicle crimes. Since the implementation of the "Hot Spot Initiative", the DeKalb County Police Department has handled over 2,238 calls for service, issued over 283 citations, and made a total of 169 arrests with over 100 of those arrests being felony arrests. The "Hot Spot Initiative" has aided in the prevention of vehicle crimes and created a safer community for all. 

2021 Winner

Ajman Police General Headquarters 

Ajman Police General Headquarters (GHQ), one of the Ministry of Interior's GHQs in the United Arab Emirates, has achieved outstanding accomplishments in safety and security through the prevention of serious crime, as well as crime in general. To prevent vehicle crimes, Ajman Police created a project to develop an operational control room to reduce crimes, called the Crime Prevention Control Room. It is used for studying and analyzing internal and large data about vehicle crimes. In addition, a newly developed software program. called Security Guide, is used to identify hotspots where crime rates increase, in an attempt to launch programs for crime prevention prior to incidents taking place. 


2020 Winner

Dubai Police, United Arab Emirates


The Dubai Police developed work methodologies, procedures, and training to combat vehicle crimes. Dubai Police organized an extensive education program that included 12 specialized training courses that studied criminal patterns and providing resources designed to enhance the skills of their law enforcement professionals. Their procedure model included detection and control of vehicle crimes and solving vehicle theft. To further combat and prevent vehicle crimes, the Dubai Police formed centers specialized in forensic analysis, data collection, and security. Each specialized center focused on different areas and implemented strategies such as installing smart systems and cameras, public awareness campaigns, and partnerships to effectively eliminate crime. By 2019, vehicle theft rates were reduced by 77.9%. 

2019 Winner

The East Texas Auto Theft Task Force

The East Texas Auto Theft Task Force (ETATTF) is comprised of five participating jurisdictions. The ETATTF has highly trained auto crime investigators who develop professional relationships with law enforcement agencies and officers through educating officers and investigators on stolen vehicle recognition and identification. During the previous fiscal year, ETATTF investigators conducted 8 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) accredited courses for 295 students. The courses focus primarily on recognition of stolen vehicles and theft trends in the area and include practical exercises. In 2018, task force investigators investigated 671 vehicle crimes cases. These include cases such as the unauthorized use of a vehicle, title and registration frauds, insurance fraud, theft, arson, and organized crime. During the same period, task force investigators made 84 arrests and filed 81 criminal cases.

2018 Winner

Coloradans Against Auto Theft

Coloradans Against Auto Theft(CAAT) is a statewide coalition of law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and community partners dedicated to reducing auto theft through public awareness and prevention education. For nine years, CAAT has led the “Lockdown” campaign, aimed at reducing observable-risk behaviors among Colorado drivers. The campaign has two focal points: a summer campaign around National Auto Theft Prevention month in July and a winter campaign in January around “Puffer Week,” an initiative that reminds Coloradans not to leave their cars running while unattended. CAAT has been successful in shifting the tone and core messaging of the campaign to focus on the link between auto theft and other crimes, as well as the effect auto theft can have on a community; curbing vehicle theft; and demonstrating the importance of community collaboration.





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