IACP Leadership in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology Award

IACP Leadership in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology Award

The IACP Leadership in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology Award provides recognition of significant contributions towards supporting law enforcement and advancing the field of police psychology.

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This recognition is designed to foster the efforts of other section members towards continuing to advance the mission of the Section, IACP, and the field of Police Psychology as a whole, as well as to highlight the overall impact of Section member’s effort in the field of law enforcement.

This award is offered every other year. 

For further information, contact awards@theIACP.org

2022 Winner

Dr. Mini Mamak
Solid Blue Support, Canada  

Dr. Mini Mamak - Psychology Award

Dr. Mini Mamak has become the “go-to” psychologist for on-scene assistance during barricaded persons and hostage negotiation situations across Ontario. She is routinely called on to provide training to police agencies in the areas of crisis negotiation, crisis management, and hostage negotiation. She has lectured at the Canadian Police College and at various police training courses and conferences.  

Dr. Mamak developed an interest in police wellness working with tactical and emergency response teams. She founded Solid Blue support, an organization that provides consultation and clinical services to police agencies, police officers, and first responders. The organization provides police agencies and officers with immediate psychological support to reduce the impact of psychological injury and arrives to enhance officer safety and personal resiliency. Dr. Mamak has used her work with Solid Blue Support to assist agencies with improving candidate selection procedures and developing psychological wellness programs for officers assigned to high-risk units.  

Dr. Mamak also codeveloped the Hamilton anatomy of Risk Management (HARM), a risk assessment tool that has been designated as a best practice by Health Canada on two occasions. This tool is used worldwide to assist in the prediction of violence. She also developed a bail version of HARM to assist with bail release decision making. The HARM tool was recently updated and is now available on the cloud; this newest version will greatly advance the risk assessment field for all professionals working in the public safety field.  

2020 Winner

Dr. Robin Inwald 
Inwald Research Inc. 

Robin Inwald

Dr. Robin Inwald created a solid empirical foundation for pre-employment screening and evaluation of law enforcement candidates. Dr. Inwald developed the first comprehensive personality inventory designed to focus on personality variables and provide a psychological evaluation of candidates. She also developed the Law Enforcement Personal History Questionnaire designed to determine a candidate’s employment suitability. Her independent surveys and research led to these guidelines being adopted by the field at large. 

2018 Winner

Dr. Edrick Dorian
Police Psychologist
Los Angeles, California, Police Department

Edrick Dorian

Dr. Edrick Dorian works as a Police Psychologist for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in California providing assessments, clinical services, training, and operational support. He also plays an important role as a consultant for the SWAT Crisis Negotiation Team. Board Certified in both Clinical Psychology and Police and Public Safety Psychology, Dr. Dorian specializes in working with veterans, as well as helping officers prepare for civil litigation. Dr. Dorian co-edited the textbook Police Psychology and its Growing Impact on Modern Law Enforcement; one of many contributions he has made to his field. He continues to show leadership by sharing his knowledge as an Instructor at Pepperdine University, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the California Commissioner on Peace Officer Standards and Training.





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