IACP Leadership in Civilian Law Enforcement – Military Cooperation Award

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IACP Leadership in Civilian Law Enforcement – Military Cooperation Award

The IACP Leadership in Civilian Law Enforcement/Military Cooperation Award recognizes excellence in cooperation between civilian and military law enforcement agencies.

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This award highlights the development of innovative joint efforts to improve public safety for both military and civilian communities.

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2019 Winner

St. Louis, Missouri, Police Department and Missouri National Guard 
St. Louis

In 2017, St. Louis City experienced a period of civil unrest after a not-guilty verdict in a police-involved shooting was announced. During the demonstrations and the subsequent after-action reviews, the Missouri National Guard recognized how beneficial the SLMPD’s Real Time Crime Center was for the entire St. Louis region. The two agencies met to discuss a potential partnership between the organizations. As a result, a decision was made that the Missouri National Guard would place a full-time analyst in the SLMPD’s Real Time Crime Center. This would provide the SLMPD with access to the broader intelligence community, as well as new training and educational resources. Additionally, the SLMPD would contribute to the Missouri National Guard’s Counter Drug Program; a mutually beneficial partnership. When cooperation with other military entities is necessary, access to the Missouri National Guard contacts has proven to be invaluable to the SLMPD. The Missouri National Guard analyst and the Real Time Crime Center has led to 1,756 arrests; 4,294 charges resulting from the arrest and 1,043 stolen vehicles, 243 firearms, and vast amounts of stolen property and narcotics recovered.

2018 Winner

Texas Department of Public Safety
Texas DPS

First conducted in 2015, the Texas Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) is a joint initiative developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Air Operations Division with support from the Texas Army National Guard and Texas Task Force 1 to address collaborative challenges in border security operations and natural disaster response. By pooling resources, the state of Texas can better respond to natural disasters and border security issues. SAREX serves as an effective and successful model of civilian-military integration, which can make a difference and save lives, which was evident in the successful deployment of Federal, Military, and local assets during the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in 2017. Forming and maintaining relationships have proven to be a key to success, and annual exercises are critical to ensuring that inter-agency coordination takes place efficiently and that communications plans are viable. This is only possible by planning, coordinating and conducting exercises such as SAREX.

2017 Winner

Fort Campbell Provost Marshal Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and Clarksville Police Department

The Fort Campbell Provost Marshal’s Office developed the Healthy Relationships, Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative by working with their civilian law enforcement partners, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Clarksville Police Department. The goals of this initiative are to install family support agencies, enforce DUI awareness training, and conduct joint DUI campaigns. The result was the education of 1,000 soldiers.





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