IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award

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IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award

The IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award recognizes organizations that excel in the field of traffic safety. 

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Traffic safety is a key element of public safety. This is particularly true as the number of traffic fatalities across the world remain at unacceptable levels. Law enforcement and other government agencies as well as community organizations play a key role in maintaining safe roadways and communities. The IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award recognizes organizations that excel in the field of traffic safety.

Nominations Close April 15

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2020 Winner

Flagler County, Florida, Sheriff's Office

Flagler - Traffic Safety

In the last two decades, Flagler County, FL has experienced rapid population growth without significant expansion of the transportation infrastructure, leading to increasing amounts of traffic congestion on local roads and highways. To address growing traffic safety issues in their county, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) put together a comprehensive traffic safety strategy to ensure their community’s safety. This comprehensive plan included the implementation of several community initiatives, new technologies, media/social media strategies for public awareness, personnel changes, and analysis methods. From their efforts, the FCSO saw a 44% reduction of traffic fatalities in 2019 and an overall 67% reduction since 2017. The FCSO traffic improvements, identified best practices, and rich data set are an example that can be used in other communities across to improve traffic safety.

2019 Winner

Jeremy Ellison
St. Paul, Minnesota, Police Department

Jeremy Ellison

In 2016, Commander Jeremy Ellison began analyzing and sharing data relating to motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. His analysis revealed a noticeable number of injuries and fatalities involving pedestrians and bikers, so the city of St. Paul allocated resources to create a citywide pedestrian safety plan. This included the creation of a full-time position to lead the efforts in pedestrian and bike safety, as well as partnerships with other city agencies and private groups to create safety initiatives. One of the most successful programs is the “Stop for Me Pedestrian Safety Initiative,” which brought together private and public entities to address education, engineering, and enforcement. Drug recognition experts (DRE) were also an important part of this program. The increase in DRE personnel helped properly address impaired driving. As a result of these programs, St. Paul saw a decrease in the number of pedestrian-involved crashes, from 314 in 2016 to 260 in 2018; a 20% reduction in just 2 years.





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