Alzheimer's Training Center

Alzheimer's Training Center



It’s not a question of whether law enforcement will be dealing with Alzheimer’s disease,
but rather when we’ll encounter Alzheimer’s disease, and how we’ll respond.

Direct Training Program – 1 Day

The IACP Alzheimer’s Initiatives training program, Responding to Alzheimer's Disease: Techniques for Law Enforcement and First Responders, is dedicated to providing public safety administrators, law enforcement officers, supervisors and executives, firefighters, EMS, EMT, and others from the first responder community with the most current Alzheimer’s and dementia training available. Our no-cost, one-day training program features in-depth instruction to help your department enhance its capacity to handle calls involving people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

IACP’s Alzheimer’s Initiatives program offers its training seminars to law enforcement and first responders nationwide. As a result of this training, participants will allow:

  • Better understand Alzheimer’s disease
  • Identify the different situations first responders might encounter persons with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Distinguish symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease from other conditions
  • Learn techniques to effectively question and interview persons with Alzheimer’s disease to determine the most effective response
  • Communicate and collaborate with caregivers
  • Engage community resources
  • Establish protocols for search-and-rescue specific to this population

Train-the-Trainer Program – 2 Days

In addition to our one-day training program, we now offer a two-day Train-the-Trainer program for selected participants and experienced trainers who will continue to support and deliver the one-day training program.

Positions in this two-day Train-the-Trainer program are limited.  Trainers/facilitators will be drawn from: those with law enforcement and/or first responder backgrounds, and those with community experience and expertise in the area of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Training and facilitation experience is preferred. 

Participants in the Train-the-Trainer will learn and demonstrate parts of the Responding to Alzheimer's Disease workshop and receive feedback. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE EXPECTED TO CONDUCT AT LEAST ONE RESPONDING TO ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE WORKSHOP FOR YOUR AGENCY OR COMMUNITY WITHIN 90 DAYS OF COMPLETING THIS PROGRAM. IACP will provide guidance, materials and support for local workshops but costs of trainer time and travel, training space and equipment, and participants' time and travel are born by local agencies and/or individuals. You will be notified of your enrollment prior to the start date for the course.

Current Training Opportunities (click Alzheimer's Initiative link below to see all resources offered)

Co-hosting Opportunities are not available at this time.

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