Police Response to Violence Against Women

The IACP's Police Response to Violence Against Women Project, with funding from the Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), focuses on the development of tools and policies to assist law enforcement in responding effectively to human trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence by police officers and domestic violence and all other crimes against women.


The IACP Training tools are the most effective tools a trainer can have—I utilize every piece of information available to me and the groups I instruct leave each session with a packet of the material
-Captain Maureen Will (Retired, Brookfield Police Department, Brookfield, CT)


Bringing Sexual Assault Offenders to Justice


IACP’s sexual assault roll-call training video “Bringing Sexual Assault Offenders to Justice” was developed to expand our law enforcement educational efforts on the crime of sexual assault and accompany the IACP Sexual Assault Guidelines and Supplemental Report Form (See below).


The goal of this video is to help officers generate stronger cases by reframing sexual assault crimes, providing tools to conduct perpetrator focused investigations, and building an understanding of victim behavior. “Bringing Sexual Assault Offenders to Justice” will help officers identify victim trauma and provide information about victim behavior, such as delayed reporting, alcohol or substance abuse, and encounters that start out consensually, that can be used to support a sexual assault report. This video will also provide useful information detailing how perpetrators often have a history of unreported acts of sexual violence and may select victims with vulnerabilities to exploit.


A strong sexual assault training program will result in offenders being held accountable, fewer cases being dismissed, and ultimately increase successful prosecution.

Segment 1: (begins 0:00) Realities of Sexual Assault
Segment 2: (begins 14:40) Effectively Preparing Cases
Segment 3: (begins 27:53) Working the Case: Techniques and Collaboration

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Sexual Assault

Striving to strengthen sexual assault investigations and set national uniform standards for sexual assault case coding and documentation, the Police Response to Violence Against Women Project has just released IACP Sexual Assault Guidelines: Supplemental Report Form and Investigative Strategies. This educational tool consists of a supplemental report form, guidelines for case documentation, effective techniques for victim and perpetrator interviews, and a pocket “tip” card for officers. 

To order hard copies of the IACP Sexual Assault Investigative Guidelines and Supplemental Report Form, contact Rachel Apfelbaum at apfelbaum@theiacp.org.


Domestic Violence by Police Officers

Police leaders across the country have taken steps to prevent violence, reduce department liability, enhance victim safety and preserve careers by proactively confronting the issue of domestic violence committed by police officers. The IACP Domestic Violence by Police Officers Model Policy focuses on early intervention, incident response and investigation procedures and has served as a foundation for agencies across the country looking to adopt and implement policies to address this problem. 

Human Trafficking Three Part Roll-Call Training Video

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