New Group for Police Chaplains

New Group for Police Chaplains

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The IACP has created a new Police Chaplain Section to provide support for police and the communities they serve. The Section provides the police profession with information, training, and a forum for discussion on police chaplain-specific topics to include, but not limited to:

  • The establishment of effective police chaplain programs
  • The operation and maintenance of effective police chaplain programs 
  • Resources and information related to support programs to include but not limited to counseling, peer-support, and family support

Membership in the Police Chaplain Section is open to IACP members who are currently or formerly police chaplains as well as those who are interested in police chaplaincy programs. Benefits of section membership include:

  • Network of police chaplains from around the world, as well as exclusive content produced by the section for police chaplains
  • Education and resources to enhance a variety of skills and build and maintain successful chaplaincy programs
  • Access to the Police Chaplain online community where fellow section members share best practices and resources and engage in collective problem solving

For more information on the Police Chaplain Section, visit the Police Chaplain Section webpage or email

Blog Post


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