Building trust and legitimacy


Building trust between police and the communities they serve is an essential component of positive and engaging community-police relationships. This section includes concepts like transparency, accountability, procedural justice, and police legitimacy.   The importance of police culture is also a key component of this section.

Model Policies & Concept Papers

Police-Citizen Contacts Model Policy and Concept Paper*

Unbiased Policing Model Policy and Concept Paper*

Reports & Publications

Building Trust Between Police and the Citizens They Serve: An Internal Affairs Promising Practices Guide for Local Law Enforcement

IACP National Policy Summit on Community-Police Relations: Advancing a Culture of Cohesion and Community Trust

Improving Officer Response to Persons with Mental Illness and Other Disabilities: A Guide for Law Enforcement Leaders

Protecting Civil Rights: A Leadership Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement

Building Communities of Trust: Guidance for Community Leaders 

Articles & Blog Posts

Moving Forward by Acknowledging the Past

Continued Commitment to Effectiveness

Moving the Needle: The Science of Good Police-Citizen Encounters 

Blending Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy into Police Culture 

Fair and Impartial Policing: A Science-Based Approach 

Other Resources

Testimony of Chief Richard Beary - Building Trust and Legitimacy

Public Safety Open Data Portal

Open Data in Policing Fact Sheet 

Training Key: Building Trust and Legitimacy

Starting the Conversation: Fact Sheet*

Handling Tough Conversations: Fact Sheet*

Keeping the Conversation Going: Fact Sheet*


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