suicide prevention and awareness

Law enforcement agencies are shaken to the core with the death of one of their own. The response is even more complex when that death comes at the officer's own hand. IACP has long recognized there is an urgent and ongoing need for leadership on the issue of employee suicide prevention and awareness.


Breaking the Silence Report

Breaking the Silence: A National Symposium on Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health 


This report offers actionable strategies designed as a roadmap for police departments seeking to include officer mental wellness as a core element of officer safety and well-being and to mitigate the threat of officer death by suicide. These strategies are designed to prevent the destructive effects of emotional trauma, mental illness, and officer deaths by suicide on a police community; to successfully intervene when officers confront mental health crises, mental illness, or suicidal behavior; and, to provide effective event response protocols when an officer dies by suicide in an agency.

BLUE Documentary Video

BLUE is a docudrama that was originally conceived to create greater public awareness of all too frequent suicides among law enforcement in the United States, and as a catalyst for mental and emotional health training programs for police departments across the country.

Sample Suicide Prevention Program Materials

The IACP Police Psychological Services Section, in partnership with BJA, compiled the below set of samples and resource materials designed to assist law enforcement agencies in developing suicide prevention/awareness programs.