Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide

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Blue: A Documentary

Blue is a documentary that demonstrates how the Philadelphia Police Department has made strides in addressing the stigmas often associated with officer mental health and suicide in the policing profession and prioritized the wellbeing of its officers. It illustrates how the department is approaching these sensitive topics head on by creating an environment and support structure that proactively helps officers and encourages them to openly address any problems they might be having with on or off-the-job stressors.


BLUE TRAILER from Blue LLC. on Vimeo.

Breaking the Silence: A National Symposium on Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health

To address the mental health stigma within law enforcement as well as the critical issue of law enforcement  suicide, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, in partnership with the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice (COPS) hosted Breaking the Silence: A National Symposium on Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health in July 2013. The participants at the symposium, which included the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, law enforcement and mental health professionals, worked together to develop a national strategy to address officer mental health wellness and suicide prevention.

Each year, more law enforcement officers die because of suicide than are killed in the line of duty. Many agencies lack the resources to prevent officer suicide from occurring and are unprepared to respond effectively to it when it does. The purpose of this page is to provide the law enforcement community with samples and resource materials to initiate a suicide prevention program. These materials were submitted by agencies throughout the country and reflect material designed specifically for their law enforcement population. 

The IACP hopes that the information provided will inspire a shift in the culture of how mental health and suicide is perceived and move towards a culture of resiliency, hope and wellness.  


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