IACP Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative


The IACP Project Safe Neighborhoods National Training and Technical Assistance Initiative (PSN), with support from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), works to improve law enforcement’s capacity to interdict firearms trafficking and disrupt gang activity. To achieve that goal the IACP works with agencies to: 1) develop and implement comprehensive, community based enforcement and intervention and prevention strategies aimed at the trafficking and criminal use of firearms and gang activity; 2) develop and implement policies utilizing existing intelligence and investigative resources; and 3) turn the knowledge gained into actionable intelligence. In collaboration with state, local, federal, and tribal partners the IACP provides no-cost training, regional technical assistance, and resources to improve law enforcement’s gun/gang violence reduction and prosecution efforts.

The IACP works in collaboration with DOJ, the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, and PSN national partners to provide multi-disciplinary training programs to fit any jurisdiction’s need.

National partners engaged in the PSN initiative include:


The core of IACP PSN Initiative training consists of a four hour training block featuring Identifying an Armed Person and/or Detecting Hidden Compartments. Additionally, national and federal partners provide two hour firearms identification, eTrace/firearms tracing, firearms law, and federal firearms case preparation training blocks.

Course Descriptions

Identifying an Armed Person: Law enforcement will walk away with tips on making observations of an individual’s bodily movement, clothing behaviors, crime gun recovery, keen observations during traffic stops, report writing and testimony for successful prosecution. This program is specifically designed for uniformed police officers/agents. This course includes detailed instruction on identifying persons who carry concealed firearms, legal issues regarding stop and frisk, and articulating probable cause for searches. It will also address how participants, between ATF, state, and local police departments can impact gun violence on our streets.

Detecting Hidden Compartments: Organized crime and drug trafficking organizations routinely use vehicles equipped with large natural voids and aftermarket constructed hidden compartments. These compartments are used to traffic guns, drugs, bulk U.S. Currency, and explosive devices. This training will assist law enforcement, specifically the officer on patrol, with conducting vehicle searches. This course includes an overview of the search sequence, tools needed, accessing the compartments, and safety concerns. The ability to detect these hidden compartments will greatly increase the success of law enforcement and its ability to combat the criminal element traveling our highways.

The IACP provides logistical support through marketing, site selection, registration, program development, course evaluation, and establishing collaborative partners (federal, state, local, and tribal).

Contact Information
For more information on the IACP PSN Initiative, email psn@theiacp.org.

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