identity crime

In October 2006, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Bank of America partnered to develop a Nationwide Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Identity Crime. The goal of the strategy is to provide guidance and direction to the law enforcement community, the general public, and the banking industry on this important issue.

Responding to identity crime poses a significant challenge. All too often victims are uncertain about the steps they should take if they suspect or discover identity crime, and those investigating the crime continuously face its changing nature and the growing level of sophistication of the perpetrators.

To ensure that law enforcement leadership and personnel stand ready to meet the challenges of preventing and responding to identity crimes in all of our communities, the partnership has developed a number of resources:

Identity Crime Toolkit for Police Executives

Prevention Toolkit

Recovery Toolkit

IACP Model Policy on Identity Crime

IACP Training Key on Identity Crime Part I

IACP Training Key on Identity Crime Part II