Support of the Use of Microstamping Technology

Support of the Use of Microstamping Technology


Support of the Use of Microstamping Technology

Submitted by the Firearms Committee



WHEREAS, reducing the prevalence of gun crime and gun related homicides in the United States and around the world is a priority of law enforcement; and

WHEREAS, each year many incidents of crime, including homicides, go unsolved due to a lack of evidence in the case; and

WHEREAS, law enforcement agencies are in critical need of additional investigative tools and technologies that would provide accurate and timely intelligence and further leads in investigations of gun crime and give substantial investigatory links; and

WHEREAS, in a large number of violent incidents involving firearms, shell casings are left at crime scenes and law enforcement agencies have no way of identifying these casings; and

WHEREAS, microstamping technology would give each firearm the ability to stamp that weapon uniquely assigned and identifiable serial number and/or distinctive markings on cartridge casings by way of the firing pin; and

WHEREAS, this technology would be used to help law enforcement identify the first known purchaser of a weapon used in crime, therefore providing leads that would allow for substantial evidentiary information that will help identify, apprehend and arrest criminals; and

WHEREAS, microstamping technology has proven to be an inexpensive, yet effective way to mark and identify firearm shell casings; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the International Association of Chiefs of Police, duly assembled at its 115th Annual Conference in San Diego, California recommends that all firearms produced or sold be fitted with microstamping technology so that law enforcement can further criminal investigations and enhance public safety; and be it further

RESOLVED that the IACP calls on all governments to enact legislation that will allow for the implementation of microstamping technology.



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