Adopting Community Policing as a Philosophy for the Delivery of Services

Adopting Community Policing as a Philosophy for the Delivery of Services


WHEREAS, one of the objectives of the Association shall be to advance the science and art of police services; and

WHEREAS, every police agency is charged with the duty to assure the public sense of safety and security that, in turn, affects the quality of life of its citizenry; and

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon every police agency to recognize and effectively and efficiently address the concerns of the community it serves and the very essence of policing demands that practitioners of every rank strive to satisfy their constituents at the operational level; and

WHEREAS, community policing provides a viable framework for the delivery of police service that focuses limited resources on issues specific to individual communities; and

WHEREAS, with its emphasis on initiative, ingenuity, and innovative approaches, community policing encourages and empowers the individual practitioner to recognize and resolve issues at the source of a community’s concerns; and

WHEREAS, community policing establishes an organizational framework and an environment for individual development, job enrichment, and personal satisfaction for law enforcement practitioners at every level; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), duly assembled at its 104th annual conference in Orlando, Florida, hereby encourages every police executive to embrace community policing and its philosophy for the creation of programs, operational strategies, and methodologies for the delivery of police services to the communities they serve.



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