Resolutions are the cornerstone of IACP’s policy development. Resolutions direct the efforts of the IACP and serve as the guiding statement in accomplishing the work of the association.

Complete resolutions packets that are still valid are available to view below.

For more information on how the resolutions process works, including how to craft a resolution, click here. If you are interested in submitting a resolution, please first complete a resolutions proposal form located here. Once the proposal has been approved, resolution drafts can be submitted for consideration using this form. If you have any questions, please email

Adopted resolutions are valid for five years.

2024 Resolutions:


Combating Heroin

WHEREAS, heroin abuse is rising while international narcotics trafficking organizations are exporting increasing amounts of heroin to world markets; and

WHEREAS, indicators used to determine...


Concealed Traps

WHEREAS, hidden compartments or concealed traps have been a long-standing method of operation by smugglers to conceal various types of contraband, including drugs, money, and...


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