IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center

IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center

For more than 30 years, the IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center has been identifying leading practices and providing sound guidance to the law enforcement profession to assist in developing policies for individual departments.

Policy Center Resources

The Policy Center offers four types of resources:

  • Model Policy: Provides officers with concrete guidance and directives by describing,  the manner in which actions, tasks, and operations are to be performed.

  • Considerations: Intended to present items for agencies to take into account when developing their own policies on a topic. This format recognizes that expectations and capabilities vary by agency, and it aims to present recommendations to the law enforcement field without dictating exact approaches.

  • Concepts and Issues: Designed to provide background information on the topic to support the Model Policy or Considerations document.

  • Need to Know...: Synthesizes the key points of the topic into a brief, one-page overview. 

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Responding to and investigating reports of stalking should involve gathering information that permits the victim’s circumstances to be considered in context with the behavior of the suspect...

Policy Center Resource


Surveillance operations are essential for criminal investigations and information collection required to develop intelligence. However, covert and clandestine methods may be neither appropriate nor necessary...

Policy Center Resource


Technology advances rapidly in today's environment, and these technological advancements can help make policing more effective and more efficient. At the same time, new technology can also...

Policy Center Resource

Unmanned Aircraft

Technological advances have allowed public safety agencies to consider the acquisition of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) to support their operations. The rapid integration of...

Policy Center Resource

Use of Force

The use of force documents from the IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center are no longer available. The policy has been replaced by the National Consensus...
Policy Center Resource


Volunteers can be a valuable addition to any law enforcement agency by providing a variety of services at little cost to the agency. They allow...

Policy Center Resource

IACP Policy Center documents are periodically updated, and the most current versions are published to this website. To minimize confusion and to help ensure reference to the most recent documents available, the IACP Policy Center does not distribute prior versions of any documents that have since been updated.

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