IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center

IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center

For more than 30 years, the IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center has been identifying leading practices and providing sound guidance to the law enforcement profession to assist in developing policies for individual departments.

Policy Center Resources

The Policy Center offers four types of resources:

  • Model Policy: Provides officers with concrete guidance and directives by describing,  the manner in which actions, tasks, and operations are to be performed.

  • Considerations: Intended to present items for agencies to take into account when developing their own policies on a topic. This format recognizes that expectations and capabilities vary by agency, and it aims to present recommendations to the law enforcement field without dictating exact approaches.

  • Concepts and Issues: Designed to provide background information on the topic to support the Model Policy or Considerations document.

  • Need to Know...: Synthesizes the key points of the topic into a brief, one-page overview. 

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All Policy Center Resources

Corruption Prevention

Law enforcement agency should establish proactive procedures to prevent corruption, to investigate complaints or allegations of corruption, and to administer appropriate administrative punishment or criminal prosecution...

Policy Center Resource


As the number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to climb globally, law enforcement agencies continue to respond to communities on the front lines, despite the operational...

Policy Center Resource

Crime Analysis

Law enforcement crime analysis functions should include collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting crime and incident data to evaluate past performance and identify criminal activity patterns and...

Policy Center Resource

Crowd Management

Civil disturbances and demonstrations have changed over the years, as have the tactics and techniques of law enforcement agencies called upon to manage and control...

Policy Center Resource

Death Notification

Law enforcement agencies should require that all officers become familiar with the concepts and procedures regarding death notification so as to provide surviving family members with sufficient useful...

Policy Center Resource

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras can be useful for investigative and documentary purposes where reasonable and appropriate. The selection of digital or conventional film imaging equipment should be...

Policy Center Resource

IACP Policy Center documents are periodically updated, and the most current versions are published to this website. To minimize confusion and to help ensure reference to the most recent documents available, the IACP Policy Center does not distribute prior versions of any documents that have since been updated.

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