2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Investigations

2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Investigations

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2020 IACP Leadership Awards Blog Series: Investigations 

This blog is part of a series highlighting the 2020 IACP Leadership Award Winners, who have made meaningful contributions to both their communities and the police profession. Their achievements are representative of the incredible leadership displayed by police organizations around the world. 

IACP Chief David Cameron Leadership in Environmental Crimes Award 

The IACP Chief David Cameron Leadership in Environmental Crimes Award recognizes excellence in environmental crimes enforcement and education by law enforcement agencies. This award is designed to recognize agencies and multi-agency collaborations that have improved their communities through recent environmental crimes prevention, investigation, and enforcement. 


Joseph Poux 

Deputy Chief 

Environmental Crimes Section, U.S. Department of Justice 

Deputy Chief Joseph Poux from the United States Department of Justice Environmental Crime Section, contributed greatly to the prosecution of white-collar crime cases against individuals and corporations that have violated laws designed to prevent pollution of the environment and destruction of critical natural resources. In 2015, Deputy Chief Poux also served as the Chairman of INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group (PCWG). In his capacity as chairman, Deputy Chief Poux managed a series of international workgroup projects that have addressed critical needs in the areas of e-waste trafficking, marine pollution, and the transnational movement of hazardous waste. With significant communication and coordination, Deputy Chief Poux led various global initiatives to reduce and address environmental crimes. 

IACP August Vollmer Leadership in Forensic Science Award 

The IACP/Parsons August Vollmer Leadership in Forensic Science Award recognizes the proactive, innovative use of forensic technologies by law enforcement agencies and units. Exemplary programs will demonstrate how new forensic technologies advance criminal investigations and enable agencies to enhance their evidence collection and analysis. 

Dubai Police General Headquarters, United Arab Emirates 

Over the years, the Dubai Police Forensic Laboratory has seen a significant growth in the number of cases with criminals using traditional full-cover female clothing to conceal their identity and not leaving any traces of evidence. In order to refine  evidence collection and analysis, Dubai Police proposed a new method to analyze the intricate movements of human bone joints. The technique is borrowed from gait recognition where recordings must be taken in ideal lighting and within specific angles. To improve the process, the Dubai Police developed a new technique by enhancing and adapting the technology to forensic usages by building the missing portion of the traditional gait technique, and capturing data from the scene and analyzing joint movements at a micro level. The Dubai Police's multi-model forensic biometric technique utilizes gait and three-dimensional face, ears, hand, and body measurements as a form of identification that has significantly increased the accuracy and validity of a forensic report.  

IACP/Thomson Reuters Excellence in Criminal Investigations Award 

The IACP/Thomson Reuters Excellence in Criminal Investigations Award recognizes exceptional innovation in managing and conducting criminal investigations, with the goal of sharing information to advance the art and science of criminal investigations. 


Tallahassee, Florida, Police Department 

The Tallahassee Police Department’s (TPD) Violent Crimes Unit consists of thirteen investigators and four victim advocates. In 2019, these thirteen officers investigated more than 1,500 cases, 24 of which were homicides. TPD’s Violent Crimes Unit is being recognized for their excellence in collaboration, efficiency, and management of criminal investigations, specifically for the apprehension of a double homicide suspect. Within 48 hours, TPD’s Violent Crimes Unit interviewed numerous individuals, exonerated two suspects, obtained a matched DNA profile, analyzed hundreds of hours of cell phone data and security footage, utilized detection dogs, searched vehicles and homes, and more. The dedication and professionalism of the Tallahassee Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit resulted in the apprehension of a deadly sex offender.   

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IACP/Leonardo Leadership in the  
Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award 

The IACP/Leonardo Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicles Crimes Award recognizes outstanding achievement in preventing vehicle theft and crimes. Exemplary programs will showcase the connection between vehicle crime and subsequent violent crime. Nominated agencies will be evaluated on initiative, use of available resources, and overall results allowing agencies to share how they successfully curbed vehicle theft in their jurisdiction. 

Dubai Police General Headquarters, United Arab Emirates 

The Dubai Police developed work methodologies, procedures, and training to combat vehicle crimes. Dubai Police organized an extensive education program that included 12 specialized training courses that studied criminal patterns and provided resources designed to enhance the skills of their law enforcement professionals. Their procedure model included detection and control of vehicle crimes and solving vehicle theft. To further combat and prevent vehicle crimes, the Dubai Police formed centers specialized in forensic analysis, data collection, and security. Each specialized center focused on different areas and implemented strategies such as installing smart systems and cameras, public awareness campaigns, and partnerships to effectively eliminate crime. By 2019, vehicle theft rates were reduced by 77.9%.  


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