Candidate for IACP 5th Vice President: Doug Shoemaker

Candidate for IACP 5th Vice President: Doug Shoemaker

Chief ShoemakerI began my career in Columbia, Missouri as a Police Service Officer with the University of Missouri-Columbia Police Department, prior to moving to Jefferson City, Missouri, where I spent nearly three decades serving residents of the state capitol. In my time there, I worked for years to develop and prioritize community partnerships, which ultimately became a pivotal piece of managing the "Journey for Justice," a march held in the wake of the Ferguson protests in 2014. Working closely with the local NAACP chapter, the department and the community came together, rather than remain divided, to begin to build more meaningful solutions for all. 

I now proudly serve the people of Grand Junction, Colorado. The women and men of my department are passionate, much like those of your agencies as well. In my time both in Missouri and in Colorado, I have also had the pleasure of serving on several committees and sections for the International Association of Chiefs of Police for more than a decade. In 2019, I was appointed by Past President Steven Casstevens to chair the association’s Police Professional Standards and Ethics Committee, and was re-appointed to the role in 2020 by current President Cynthia Renaud. In 2018, I was elected to serve a two-year term as the Vice Chair of the Public Information Officers Section, and I also served in various capacities on the Police Administration Committee from 2012 to 2019. In addition to my leadership roles with the IACP, I am also a member of the IMPACT (International Managers of Police Academy and College Training) section as well as the Midsize Agencies Division. Outside of the IACP, I am a proud member of NOBLE, NAWLEE, PERF, and IADLEST.

But as we all know, training and experience doesn't exist in a vacuum. As such, since 2012, I have served as a mentor and instructor for Northwestern University, where I develop and deliver executive-level police courses for the prestigious School of Police Staff and Command College. Throughout the United States, I teach a variety of courses including Media Relations, Executive Image, Training, Strategic Planning, and Recruitment. I also currently serve as the Recruitment Committee Chair for the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police.  


Candidate Statement

Fellow law enforcement professionals,

My name is Doug Shoemaker, and I am the Chief of Police in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am honored to be running for 5th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving communities across the United States, as well as having more than a decade of experience serving on various committees and sections within the IACP. 

I believe passionately in the law enforcement profession. Those who answer the call to serve are the ones who we look to not just to be the bedrock of policing now, but the ones who will ultimately create a better future for us and for our communities. 

As we look forward, I firmly feel that the work we can accomplish will be done through collaboration and with a keen attentiveness to the health, wellbeing, and training of our future generations of law enforcement officers. 2020 has forever altered the world we protect and serve, but we can and will continue to meet the needs of our communities with innovation, compassion, and the utmost consideration for all. 

We are, without question, in an age where we will be meticulously scrutinized, where our abilities to enact the rule of law will be questioned. We continue to have serious discussions within our association and in our communities about best paths forward, be it through policy decisions, partnerships, best practices, and more. But the efforts we make now, to give voice to and guidance in those decisions, will unquestionably bring us to a place that we will not only be proud of, but one in which we will thrive.

I currently serve as the Chair of our association’s Professional Standards, Ethics, and Image Committee, a position I have held for two years. Prior to that role, I was elected as Vice Chair of the Public Information Officers Section and served for 12 years with the Police Administration Committee.

I have never felt more inspired to continue my commitment to IACP and to each of our members. This is my passion, and continuing the efforts, mission, and service of the IACP is an absolute priority. We are an organization that is responsible for ensuring that those who protect and serve are seen, heard, and who are, more than ever, given an opportunity to have their stories resonate with people across our country and around the world.

In addition to my work with the IACP and in my community of Grand Junction, Colorado, I also recently received my doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Wilmington University in January 2020. Prior to that, I received a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Missouri and I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Missouri. I am also a graduate of the School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University. Following my graduation from that program, I was asked to serve as adjunct faculty for Northwestern, a position I continue to hold. I also serve as an adjunct professor at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. 

Over the course of my career, particularly with my time with the IACP, I have gained a profound appreciation for the experiences and leadership values of all those who are members of our association. Our diversity in who we are and how we think is what makes IACP such a valuable resource. And, our foundational belief in the protection and safety of all is what brings us together and makes us stronger.

My voice is one of nearly 30,000 members who work day in and day out to serve communities large and small. And, my voice is one I vow will actively work to serve you and ensure your ideas and your perspectives are heard, and that law enforcement, as a whole, is championed. You will be a pivotal part of decisions that are made for the members of the IACP, and in the association’s path forward in how we all work to tell the story of those who are called to this profession.

I respectfully ask for your vote for 5th Vice President in the 2021 elections in New Orleans on September 13, 2021. Learn more about my why at

Please feel free to reach out at any time. You can reach me at 970-549-5110 or you can email me at

Stay safe,

Doug Shoemaker

Contact Information: | 970-549-5110

Twitter Handle: @DougForIACP

Contact Information

Twitter Handle: @DougForIACP | @DShoemakerGJPD

LinkedIn Handle: @Chief_Shoemaker

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