IACP Training Conference on Drugs, Alcohol, and Impaired Driving (DAID)

IACP Training Conference on Drugs, Alcohol, and Impaired Driving (DAID)


The IACP Training Conference on Drugs, Alcohol, and Impaired Driving (DAID) is the largest training conference for drug recognition experts and traffic enforcement specialists. This conference provides law enforcement, prosecutors, traffic safety professionals, and physicians & toxicologists providing expertise in support of the prosecution of impaired drivers, with a forum in which to share information, countermeasures, and best practices for reducing drug- and alcohol-impaired driving and improving road safety.



Conference Certificates/2022 Conference Information

The DAID Conference location for 2022 has not been finalized.  We hope to have that information in the near future.  Please check back periodically as we will post updated information to this site as it becomes available.

The DAID Conference team can be reached at DAIDConference@theiacp.org. Please email the team if you are requesting a conference attendance certificate. The certificate will be sent back to you at your email address within 1-3 business days.  

Who Should Attend

Attendance is open to IACP DRE Section members and qualified non-members, who have a professional interest in the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, support the mission of the IACP DRE section, and support traffic safety efforts, including: 1) currently certified Drug Recognition Expert, 2) physicians, 3) prosecutors, 4) toxicologists, 5) sworn law enforcement officers, 6) first responders, 7) civilian employees of public safety agencies*, or 8) agencies which receive funding for the DEC program.  Other individuals who maintain a direct professional, supportive interest in the DEC program, including DRE Emeritus or DRE Ambassadors, may submit a request to attend. 

* Public Safety includes offices of police, sheriffs, EMS, fire service, hazmat and park rangers from federal, state, city, county, campus, and tribal agencies, and members of the armed forces. 

2021 Sponsors:





2021 Exhibitors:

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