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Assessing and Evaluating Your Law Enforcement Volunteer Program 11/26/2013
In today’s resource constrained environment, it becomes increasingly important for law enforcement agencies to measure the impact of their programs. Assessing the costs and benefits of your volunteer program can help you and other decision makers determine budget and resource distribution decisions.  In this edition of the VIPS Podcast Series, we will look at volunteer program evaluation and assessment strategies that can help you strengthen your program using data-driven solutions and showcase the success of your program for your agency and community leaders.
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Tips for Managing Law Enforcement Interns 08/12/2013
Law enforcement internships can be a mutually beneficial way for agencies to expand their services and for students to acquire valuable work experience. In this edition of the VIPS Podcast Series, we share some tips on how to maximize your time with student interns.
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Volunteers Help Keep Roadways Safe 06/20/2013
Traffic responsibilities are among law enforcement’s most important and visible duties, yet officers simply cannot be on all roads at all times. In this edition of the VIPS Podcast Series, we will look at how volunteers help law enforcement officers expand their presence on the roadways and keep them safe. 
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Recognition Through National, State, and Local Award Programs 03/21/2013
Formally and informally thanking your volunteers for their time and specific accomplishments is essential to retaining a strong, committed group of volunteers. In this edition of the VIPS Podcast Series, we will discuss some of the national, state, and local award programs available to formally recognize your volunteers.
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Volunteers Help Find the Missing 02/14/2013
This edition of the VIPS Podcast series discusses the use of volunteers in missing person cases and our partnership with the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs). Listen to hear more about NamUs resources, volunteer roles, and training opportunities. 
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International Volunteers Share a Universal Commitment to Safety 12/13/2012
As the field of law enforcement volunteer management continues to grow and develop, we have much to learn and to share with our international partners. We will explore this topic in an upcoming issue of VIPS in Focus. This audio podcast offers a preview of that publication with a look into the police volunteer programs of London, England.
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Citizen Police Academies: Force Multipliers for Crime Prevention 10/01/2012
From a new VIPS volunteer to neighbor to neighbor sharing of crime prevention tips to an informed resident who knows who to call and what to report when he sees suspicious activity, Citizen Police Academies can be powerful force multipliers for your agency’s community engagement and crime prevention efforts. Listen this edition of the VIPS podcast for CPA tips.
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Volunteers Support Summer Youth Safety Efforts 07/02/2012
With the summer months upon us and children and teens out of school, this edition of the VIPS Podcast series will look at how many law enforcement agencies and their volunteers are using the season to spread the message of safety.
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Law Enforcement Volunteers Support Children and Families 04/02/2012
In recognition of April as National Child Abuse Awareness Month, this month’s podcast looks at how volunteers support law enforcement’s effort to protect some of our nation’s most vulnerable youth. 
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Skilled Volunteers Offer Unique Talents to Law Enforcement 03/01/2012
When people think of volunteers in law enforcement, they often think of activities like filing papers and answering phones, and, while these tasks can be a big help in a busy agency, there are many higher level functions to which volunteers can contribute. This month’s podcast will look at engaging skilled and professional volunteers to bring new talents and knowledge to law enforcement agencies. 
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Volunteers Prevent Crime and Spread Holiday Cheer 12/01/2011
The holidays are an exciting and busy time for shoppers and retailers, but they can also be a busy time for criminals. Law enforcement volunteers play important roles in preventing crime and keeping the holidays festive. Listen to this podcast to hear examples from the Henrico County, Virginia, Division of Police and Lakewood, Colorado, Police Department.
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National Preparedness Month: Are Your Volunteers Ready? 09/01/2011
National Preparedness Month is a great time to remind your volunteers, coworkers, and communities of the importance of preparing an emergency kit , making a communication plan, and staying informed about potential disasters. Listen to this month’s podcast for tips and resources.
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Law Enforcement, Schools, and VIPS Partner to Keep Students Safe 08/01/2011
These days, budgets are tight for both schools and law enforcement agencies, so many are teaming up to share resources and develop volunteer programs to enhance school safety. Listen to the latest podcast for program ideas and resources.
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Volunteers Assist in Keeping Waterways Safe 07/01/2011
With summer upon us, lakes, pools, and beaches are filling up with those ready to relax, have fun, and beat the heat. Yet with this increased activity out on the water, comes a greater risk for accidents and crime to occur. Find out how the Clearwater, Florida, Police Department and Winona County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s Office use volunteers to maintain safety in and around waterways.
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How to Keep Good Volunteers: Volunteer Manager Perspectives on Retention 05/01/2011
Keeping experienced volunteers is a priority for agencies. In this podcast, volunteer managers share their secrets, ideas, and philosophies on volunteer retention.
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Addressing Liability Through Orientation 03/01/2011
A quality orientation sets the standard for a volunteer’s experience with your agency and plays an important part in your liability plans. Listen to this month’s podcast for tips on planning your orientation.
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New Years, New Volunteers 01/10/2011
With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to start thinking about bringing new volunteers into your program. Learn more about how to plan for and recruit new volunteers.
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