Victims of Crime*

The purpose of this policy is to emphasize that an effective response to the needs of crime victims is an integral part of the law enforcement mission. This essential function, performed by both sworn and civilian personnel, should address victims’ needs by establishing a continuum of support as victims progress through the various phases of the criminal justice process.

As first responders, law enforcement personnel are uniquely positioned to provide care and support to victims of crime as required by state and federal laws. These efforts can have both an immediate and a long-term impact on the victim’s emotional recovery by developing a sense of security and stability and potentially mitigating the traumatic effects of the crime. Therefore, it is the policy of this department to (1) recognize and address the needs of crime victims by all employees during each contact; (2) support and assist the victims as they continue to interact with the criminal justice system; and (3) act as a liaison to appropriate victim assistance and service agencies.

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