Registering and Tracking Sex Offenders*

This policy provides guidance for the registration, public notification, and address verification of sex offenders, and guidance for personnel conducting community education practices.

It is the policy of this department to use all reasonable means to assist in the investigation of noncompliant sex offenders, to educate the public about personal safety precautions, and to train designated law enforcement personnel on registration, notification, verification, and community education procedures. This department recognizes that sex offenders can pose a significant risk to the community and that community fear may be fueled by confusing sex offender laws and lack of understanding of law enforcement efforts to hold sex offenders accountable. This department is guided by federal and state laws regarding the registration, public notification, and verification of convicted sex offenders to enforce compliance and to prevent future victimization. This department also recognizes that law enforcement agencies are responsible for notifying communities about the presence of certain registered sex offenders, maintaining registration files, verifying compliance with registration laws, investigating violations of such laws and new offenses, and locating noncompliant or absconded offenders.

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