Grievance Procedures 

This department recognizes that every employee has the right to be treated fairly in matters arising from employment in this agency; that each employee should have the opportunity to be heard fully any time his or her right to fair treatment has been violated; and that a carefully designed grievance process can help to reduce personnel dissatisfaction, improve morale, identify problems in the organization, and increase the positive perception employees have of their employment with this department. The purpose of this policy is to provide a procedure whereby employees may resolve certain disputes or complaints concerning their employment.

Whenever possible, disputes should be resolved informally at the lowest level in the employee’s chain of command. All employees, supervisors, and administrators are encouraged to engage in free and open communication to resolve differences without resorting to a formal process. When attempts at informal dispute resolution are unsuccessful, employees may initiate the grievance procedure described herein.

This grievance procedure shall not be used in addition to any other grievance procedures that may be in effect through the governing jurisdiction or an eligible employee’s collective bargaining agreement. Under no circumstances shall more than one procedure be used to redress the same grievance. Use of this or other grievance procedures does not preclude employees from seeking legal remedies as appropriate.

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