Electronic Messaging

This topic has been designated as belonging to the Library category – it is intended for reference purposes only and will not be updated.

It is the purpose of this policy to provide officers with guidance on the proper use of personal computers and related electronic messaging systems utilized in this agency for purposes of disseminating electronic mail, utilizing services of the Internet and related electronic message transmission, recording and storage devices.

The availability and use of the personal computer within the work environment have provided many opportunities for enhancement of productivity and effectiveness. These technologies also entail the opportunity for rapid transfer and broad distribution of sensitive information that can also have damaging effects on this agency, its members, and the public if not managed properly. Therefore, it is the policy of this agency that all members abide by the guidelines set forth herein when using personal computers and the services of both internal and external databases and information exchange networks, and where applicable, voice mail, mobile digital terminals, and related electronic messaging devices.

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