Domestic Violence by Police Officers*

This policy recognizes that the profession of law enforcement is not immune from members committing domestic violence against their intimate partners. The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for handling acts of domestic violence committed by police officers and for implementing prevention strategies. This policy will provide police executives, officers, and all department employees guidance in addressing incidents where one (or more) party to a reported domestic violence incident is an employee, whether sworn or civilian, of any rank in the department.

This policy offers a comprehensive, pro-active approach to domestic violence by police department employees with an emphasis on victim safety.  It delineates a position of zero tolerance by the department. It is imperative to the integrity of the profession of policing and the sense of trust communities have in their local law enforcement agencies that leaders, through the adoption of clear policies, make a definitive statement that domestic violence will not be tolerated. In the process of implementing this policy, the department should review the records of all employees to determine whether convictions for qualifying misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence *(MCDV) or valid protection orders exist. If an employee is found to have a MCDV or is the subject of a qualifying protection order, department legal counsel and/or city/county attorney shall be consulted immediately regarding continued employment or duty assignment.

Federal law prohibits police officers convicted of qualifying misdemeanor domestic violence crimes from possessing firearms.

Officers found guilty of a qualifying domestic violence crime through criminal proceedings shall be terminated.

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