Critical Incident Stress Management 

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines that shall be uniformly applied to the management of stress resulting from critical incidents. Providing support following any critical incident will assist in minimizing the chances that involved personnel will suffer from the negative physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions that may occur.

Law enforcement duties often expose officers and support personnel to mentally painful and highly stressful situations that cannot be resolved through normal stress coping mechanisms. Unless adequately treated, these situations may cause disabling emotional and physical problems. It has been found that critical incidents such as officer-involved shootings, vehicle accidents, line-of-duty deaths, and gruesome homicides may cause adverse reactions and behaviors in officers.

It is the responsibility of this department to manage critical incident stress by providing personnel with a critical incident stress management (CISM) program. The CISM program shall be utilized to provide personnel with information on reactions to the trauma associated with critical incidents and assist in the deterrence of negative responses. It is the policy of this department to take immediate action after such incidents to safeguard the continued mental well-being of all involved personnel.

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