Law Enforcement Policy Center

For over 30 years, the mission of the IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center has been to identify leading practices and provide sound guidance to law enforcement agencies in an effort to assist them in the development of their own policies.

With documents on over 130 topics, the Policy Center focuses on three key deliverables, available in both PDF and HTML format:

  • Model Policy - provides concrete guidance and directives for law enforcement to follow (“what” you do)
  • Concepts & Issues Paper - furnishes background information, outlines relevant case law, and highlights areas of debate (“why” you do it)
  • Need to Know.... - synthesizes the key points in the Model Policy and Concepts & Issues Paper into a brief, one-page overview

The full Policy Center library is available exclusively to IACP members and IACP Net customers. Not an IACP member? Visit for more information on the benefits of joining!