Critical Issue Listening Tour


In late August and early September 2016, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conducted a series of critical issue forums in eight locations throughout the United States. The purpose of these sessions was to meet with and listen to police executives to gain a better understanding of the distinctive challenges they are facing within their communities and agencies, as well as to discuss and examine the vast array of challenges currently confronting the law enforcement profession as a whole. 


Following the listening tour, IACP put together the following report to outline the issues raised in each of the eight forums as well to highlight overarching themes. 


The issues identified through this listening tour will help drive and inform the actions and efforts of the IACP in the coming months and years. In some areas, we will be building upon existing IACP programs and projects to better serve the field, while in others we will look to advance new policies and priorities to better serve the profession.