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Resources for Investigators and Victims of ID Crime

  1. Glossary of Common Terms
  2. Scams and Trends
  3. Disclosures to Consumers – Information Available to Victims in Accordance with FCRA 609 (e)
  4. Identity Theft File Background (FBI National Crime Information Center - NCIC)
  5. Request by Law Enforcement for Fraudulent Transaction/Account Information Made on Behalf of Consumer (Federal Trade Commission – FTC)
  6. Consumer’s Request for Fraudulent Transaction/Account Information (FTC)
  7. Identity Theft Victims' Universal Complaint Form (FTC)
  8. ID Crime Victim’s To-Do List
  9. Checklist for Victims of Identity Crime
  10. “Chart Your Course of Action” Victim Sample Log (FTC)
  11. Handout for ID Crime Victims: Immediate Steps (Suffolk County (NY) Police Department)
  12. ID Crime Typical Flow: Crime to Prosecution Map
  13. Identity Crime Incident Detail Form (U.S. Secret Service)
  14. Model Policy on Identity Crime (IACP, 2008)
  15. Training Key: Identity Crime, Part I (IACP, 2008)
  16. Training Key: Identity Crime, Part II (IACP, 2008)
  17. Launch of the National Identity Crime Law Enforcement Network (NICLE)
  18. What is NICLE
  19. A Forensic Approach to Effective Identity Theft Investigations
  20. Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network LERPnet
    (for use by investigators only)
  21. The Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act of 2008

To view the The President’s Identity Theft Task Force Report, September 2008, please click here.