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No single factor has been more crucial to reducing crime levels than the partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.  In order for law enforcement to be truly effective, police agencies cannot operate alone; they must have the active support and assistance of citizens and communities. High profile incidents and allegations of police misconduct may drive a wedge between law enforcement officers and the citizens they are sworn to protect.  Establishing and maintaining a safe community requires ongoing concerted effort.  

The IACP Institute for Community-Police Relations is designed to provide guidance and assistance to law enforcement agencies looking to enhance community trust, by focusing on culture, policies, and practices. The Institute was borne out of and is guided by two foundational documents:



IACP National Policy Summit on Community-Police Relations


21st Century Policing Report


The Institute's mission is to advance a universal culture of cohesion and trust between police and the communities they serve. To achieve this mission, the Institute will provide law enforcement agencies with the tools, resources, and guidance to help build community trust and engagement, foster transparency and accountability, and safeguard officer well-being, while reducing crime and increasing public safety.

“Policing is facing significant challenges in the United States," said IACP  Past President Terrence M. Cunningham, Chief (ret.) of the Wellesley, Massachusetts, Police Department. "Many agencies and communities are ready to challenge the status quo together and continue to evolve policing in the U.S. The IACP and its new Institute of Community-Police Relations is the perfect vehicle by which to affect needed changes.”

The challenges faced by law enforcement today will only be solved through sustained engagement and collaborative approaches. The IACP Institute for Community-Police Relations will assist agencies in navigating these conversations and advancing a culture of cohesion and trust between the police and the communities they serve.





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