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Officer safety and wellness has always been a priority for the IACP. The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness was created in 2012 to centralize these efforts by promoting existing resources and encouraging a cultural shift within law enforcement agencies by emphasizing the values of safety, health, and wellness as they impact officer performance.


The Center focuses on all aspects of an officer’s safety, health, and wellness, both on and off the job. Topics that the Center will cover range from mandatory vest and seatbelt wear polices to nutrition recommendations and wise financial decision making. The Center wants to ensure that law enforcement professionals have the resources they need to remain healthy and safe.




Health and Nutrition Resources

In order to promote healthy eating habits within the law enforcement community, the IACP, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice, developed a nutrition tri-fold to help inform officers of nutritious options for meals on the go for breakfast, snacks, and a main meal. 

The nutrition fact sheet is a companion piece to the nutrition tri-fold and describes how law enforcement agencies can offer instruction and support to improve their officers’ overall nutrition habits. The fact sheet highlights the impact that nutrition has on an officer’s performance, ranging from long-term affects to shift-by-shift consequences.

The Center for Officer Safety and Wellness recently developed a Doctor’s Visit Checklist that is now available. It addresses common medical conditions that may affect law enforcement personnel and encourages proactive dialogue between an officer and his/her doctor.


Police Vulnerabilities Poster: Are You Ready for Duty?

This poster provides a comprehensive check-list of different considerations that may potentially make an officer vulnerable to serious injury or an attack by a perpetrator. It covers a wide array of potential vulnerabilities, such as physical, mental, and situational circumstances that every officer should be aware of. Whether an officer is simply checking his vest or is making a traffic stop, this poster highlights the importance of always remaining vigilant, whether an officer is on or off-duty.

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How Can You Contribute?

To support the mission of the Center, IACP calls upon its members to provide recommendations, best practices, and first-hand experiences to share with the law enforcement community. IACP will continuously solicit the best information, tools, and resources to bring to members’ attention.


Please contact the Center at if you have officer safety and wellness best practices to share, wish to suggest that a specific safety and wellness topic be

addressed by IACP, or would like to request hard copies of any of the above resources.


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