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Highway Safety Awards

Policing Awards

40 Under 40 CLOSED
IACP/BodyWorn Leadership in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs June 2, 2017
IACP/Laura and John Arnold Foundation Leadership in Law Enforcement Research Award June 15, 2017
IACP/Security Industry Association Michael Shanahan Leadership in Public/Private Cooperation June 19, 2017
IACP/American Military University Leadership In Civilian Law Enforcement – Military Cooperation Award June 23, 2017
IACP August Vollmer Leadership in Forensic Science Award June 23, 2017
IACP Chief David Cameron Leadership in Environmental Crimes Award June 23, 2017
IACP/Cisco Leadership in Community Policing Award June 23, 2017
IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award June 23, 2017
IACP Leadership in Victims Services Award June 23, 2017
IACP/Thomson Reuters Award for Excellence in Criminal Investigations June 30, 2017
IACP Leadership in Human and Civil Rights Award July 7, 2017
IACP/Target Police Officer of the Year July 14, 2017
Indian Country Law Enforcement Officer of the Year November 30, 2017
IACP/Booz Allen Hamilton - Terrorism Award TBD


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