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For over 30 years, the asset forfeiture program has allowed U.S. law enforcement agencies to deprive criminals of both the proceeds and tools of crime. The resources provided by the equitable sharing program have allowed agencies to participate in joint task forces to thwart and deter serious criminal activity and terrorism, purchase equipment, provide training, upgrade technology, engage their communities, and better protect their officers. The IACP Is committed to ensuring that this valuable program remains a resources for law enforcement agencies. This page will serve as a clearinghouse of resources to help guide law enforcement as they are confronted with difficult questions related to the asset forfeiture program.


Messaging Resource

Asset Forfeiture Messaging Sheet


Recognition of the U.S. Attorney Community for Employing Asset Forfeiture Remedies as Part of a Coordinated Enforcement Effort against Medical Marijuana Distribution (2012)

Challenge to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Spend 15 Percent of Their Federally-Forfeited Asset Sharing Funds on Community-Based Drug Education and Prevention Programs (2002)

Asset Forfeiture (2001)

Opposition to Limitation on Asset Forfeiture Statutes (1999)

Oppositions to Limitations on Asset Forfeiture Statutes (1998)

Legislative Initiatives

Letter to the Attorney General on Asset Forfeiture

Letter to President Obama on Asset Forfeiture

Letter to Congressional Leadership on Asset Forfeiture

Letter to Attorney General Lynch on Asset Forfeiture

Statement on Proposed Reforms to Asset Forfeiture

Police Chief Magazine Articles

DOJ Restores Payments to the Equitable Sharing Program

U.S. Congress Discusses Further Reforms to Asset Forfeiture Program