Tracking Device Finds 86 year Old


Tracking Device Finds 86 year Old

Description: Early last week a man with dementia wandered from his home and had fallen into a ditch injuring himself. However, the incident did not end tragically as the man was wearing a special bracelet that emits a radio signal. The Westchester county police wear able to find him within 30 minutes and took him to the hospital to receive medical care.

It turns out that the Westchester County Department of Public Safety was enrolled in Project Lifesaver. Project Lifesaver is an international program operating in 45 states that enables law enforcement agencies to track at-risk populations — particularly, elderly men and women suffering from dementia, those with Alzheimer’s disease, those with Down syndrome and those with autism.

According to Westchester county department officials, this was the eighth time that the agency had successfully used this device since first introduced about five years ago.

Lessons learned:
Locative Technologies and/or Registry Programs can be successful and should be considered when creating or enhancing a missing senior recovery program.

  • Searches are exhaustive, expensive, and often have tragic endings. 
  • Locative technologies can reduce search time and resources needed for a successful recovery. 
  • National registry programs, such as Medic Alert + Safe Return by the Alzheimer’s Association can provide valuable information when someone with Alzheimer’s disease goes missing. 
  • These programs should only be PART of a response for missing seniors.


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