California’s First Use of Silver Alert System


California’s First Use of Silver Alert System

Last year California authorities had an opportunity to issue the state’s first “Silver Alert”. 82 year old Robert Grappi, who is said to be suffering from a medical condition requiring medication along with dementia was reported missing the day before the New Year around 3:30 p.m. Family members reported him missing after he got into an argument with his wife. Grappi, was found early the following morning during a traffic stop and was safely returned to his family.

California’s Silver Alert System is similar to the Amber Alert system, but is different from other alert systems because no electronic message shows up on highway signs. Instead the system issues a be-on-the-lookout alert, an Emergency Digital Information Service Message, or an electronic flyer.

Lessons learned:
Understand this special population.

  • Understanding this special population will guide your initial questioning—work with the caregiver to get a comprehensive understanding of the missing person.
  • Previous work experiences, prior residences could help target the search area. 
  • Did they do repetitive things/take similar routes often?
  • Has the person mentioned anything recently (wanting to go to work, wanting to go home, wanting to visit a friend, go to the park, etc.)

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