National Violence Against Women On-site Training and Technical Assistance

The IACP’s on-site training and technical assistance for law enforcement agencies offers agencies across the country hands-on, direct interactions with experts in order to prioritize violence against women department-wide and formulate plans to create the needed culture change to properly respond to and investigate these crimes.

The IACP works with agencies to develop appropriate and effective trainings, provide direction about expert trainers and partner organizations, and work to connect them with resources and community organizations that can help prioritize the response to and investigation of violence against women crimes throughout the department.

On-site, subject matter experts deliver content presentations to provide participants with detailed information on a selection of violence against women issues such as:

  • Sexual Assault: Strategies for Meeting the Challenges of Non-Stranger Assault Investigation
  • Stalking: Making the Connection to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Protection Orders: Practical Strategies for Effective Enforcement
  • Managing Firearms in Situations of Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking: Preparing Through Planning and Training
  • Liability: Lessons Learned by Law Enforcement
  • Predominant Aggressor Determination
  • Strangulation and the Risk of Lethality
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence Committed by Police Officers: The Importance of Having a Plan in Place

Past On-Site Training Events:

  • Lincoln, RI - May 2017
  • Sparkill, NY - January 2017
  • Columbus, OH - August 2016
  • Auburn Hills, MI - June 2016
  • Birmingham, AL - June 2016
  • West Fargo, ND – January 2016
  • Chicago, IL – October 2015
  • Farmingdale, NY – September 2015
  • Geneseo, NY – July 2015
  • Albany, NY – July 2015
  • Johnston, IA – July 2015
  • Marysville, OH – February 2015
  • Nashville, TN – January 2015
  • El Dorado, KS – July 2014
  • Lucas, KY – October 2013
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI – June 2013
  • Dickinson, ND – May 2013
  • Norfolk, VA – May 2013
  • Fargo, ND – August 2012
  • Sherwood, OR – May 2012


For more information please contact Michael Rizzo, IACP Project Manager, at 1-800-843-4227, extension 818 or email at


IACP's Partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women
In collaboration with the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) of the US Department of Justice, the IACP provides On-site Training Assistance and Technical Assistance in the efforts to effectively respond to violence against women crimes. This initiative reflects the continued partnership and shared commitment of IACP and OVW in their efforts to bring crimes of violence against women to the forefront of policing. Over the past several years, the IACP and OVW have collaborated to provide direction and support on numerous violence against women topics to several thousand federal, state, local, Tribal, and campus police agencies through a comprehensive technical assistance delivery system. The IACP’s On-Site Technical Assistance and Trainings on Violence Against Women is a “next step” in this effort, one that focuses attention and resources on developing the capacity and commitment of law enforcement to address crimes of violence against women.