In-Car Video Camera Systems Performance Specifications

In-Car Video Camera Systems Performance Specifications: Digital Video Systems Module

Digital Video Systems Minimum Performance Specifications Document

Version 14 - 11/21/2008


This document, Digital Video Minimum Performance Specifications, Ver. 14, was created to provide law enforcement agencies and system manufacturers with a set of recommended minimum performance system specifications in order to yield evidentiary-quality digital recordings and promote officer safety. Currently no testing or certification program exists to independently verify any product’s compliance with the specifications.


The IACP, under cooperative agreement with the Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice (NIJ), is currently facilitating the development of a technical standard for Vehicular Digital Multimedia Evidence Recording Systems (VDMERS). A draft National Institute of Justice standard, based in part on the Digital Video Minimum Performance Specifications document developed by the IACP, can be found at, under the “Tech Topics” tab, along with information about other NIJ standards for law enforcement.

For additional information about the Video Standards Project, contact Program Manager Mike Fergus at or ext. 811.