First Responders Technology Transfer Program

1401 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAM OVERVIEW BACKGROUND Our nation’s First Responders must have the latest technology and equipment to effectively save lives and protect the American public from natural disasters and acts of terrorism. In Section 1401 of Public Law 107-314, signed on December 2, 2002, Congress enacted legislation aimed at leveraging the Department of Defense’s (DoD) technology and logistics capabilities to assist First Responders. MISSION The 1401 Technology Transfer Program identifies DoD technology, items, and equipment that can be used by the Federal, State, and local First Responder communities in support of their role to protect and secure the homeland. The Program facilitates the transfer of DoD technology by fostering relationships among DoD technology developers, State and local First Responders and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. VISION DoD will promote the integration and sharing of applicable DoD technology, items, and equipment with Federal, State, local, and Tribal authorities and the private sector. Sharing technologies, capabilities, and expertise strengthens the nation’s ability to respond to hostile threats and domestic emergencies. This supports objective of the DoD’s Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support to “improve national and international capabilities for homeland defense and homeland security.” 1401 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PARTNERSHIP The program actively fosters DoD technology transfer through interdepartmental partnerships among DoD, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Justice (DoJ). EQUIPMENT TRANSFER PROGRAMS The DoD is also working to improve existing transfer programs and to expand the availability of items to meet the capability needs of First Responders. Current programs include: * Law Enforcement property transfers – The 1033 program transfers excess military property suitable for counter-drug and counter-terrorism activities to Federal and State agencies. The Defense Logistics Agency’s Law Enforcement Support Office is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for this program. See * Counter-Drug sales – The 1122 program allows State and local governments to purchase items suitable for counter-drug activities from DoD. State and local governments use the 1122 program to purchase a large fraction of the repair parts for helicopters and wheeled vehicles obtained through the 1033 program. The Department of the Army, the General Services Agency , and the Defense Logistics Agency participate in this program. See * Firefighting property transfers – The 1706 program provides excess military property to State and local firefighting agencies. The Forest Service administers this program for DoD as the Firefighter Property Program. See * Fire and Emergency Responders Supplies and Services Prime Vendor Program – This program, also known as the First Responder Equipment Purchase Program, allows State and local recipients of DHS grants to procure commercially available emergency response equipment through certain government contracts. See FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: 1401TECHTRANSFER@OSD.MIL

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