The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) today announced its support for the National Strategy for Information Sharing. This document, developed with substantial input from the IACP and the state, tribal, and local law enforcement community, embraces many important concepts that are critical to the success of our continuing national effort to combat terrorism. “The IACP greatly appreciates the efforts that were made to address the concerns raised by state, tribal, and local law enforcement executives. The National Strategy will strengthen our vital partnership as we all strive to protect our communities and our nation,” said IACP President Ronald Ruecker, Director of Public Safety in Sherwood, Oregon. A key element of the National Strategy is the recognition that state, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies are vital to the ability to detect, deter, disrupt, prevent, and apprehend terrorists before they can strike. As the National Strategy properly declares, state, tribal, and local officials are “full and trusted partners with the Federal Government” and as a result require “timely, credible and actionable information and intelligence about individuals and organizations intending to carry out attacks within the United States.” The IACP is also pleased that the National Strategy calls on the federal government to provide states and major urban areas with the assistance necessary to not only establish fusion centers but also to provide them with the continuing support necessary to meet the long term intelligence and information sharing needs of the law enforcement community. These fusion centers will play a vital role in ensuring that law enforcement agencies throughout the nation have the information necessary to protect our communities from dual specters of both terrorism and crime. The IACP looks forward to working with the Administration, the Congress, and law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, tribal, and local level as we strive to implement this critical strategy. Click here to download a copy of the National Strategy for Information Sharing. Follow this link to view the Fact Sheet: National Strategy for Information Sharing.