Law Enforcement Action Agenda for the 110th Congress

The International Association of the Chiefs of Police (IACP) has released a Law Enforcement Action Agenda for the 110th Congress and is urging Members and Senators to step up their support for state, local and tribal law enforcement. After years of deep budget cuts and a disturbing rise in crime rates, the IACP is hopeful that the 110th Congress will help law enforcement agencies reverse this dangerous trend by implementing these innovative solutions. “The FBI’s crime report released earlier this week serves as a stark reminder of what happens when law enforcement agencies are stretched too thin: crime rates rise,” said Joseph Carter, Chief of the MBTA Transit Police Department and President of the IACP. “We are hopeful that the 110th Congress will take our suggestions to heart and not only completely fund important programs, but also establish new programs and enhance others that will help state, local, and tribal law enforcement keep our homeland and hometowns safe.” The IACP believes that if law enforcement is to be successful in its efforts to protect citizens from both crime and the menace of terrorism, they must receive the tools and resources they need. For these reasons, the IACP believes that Congress must take the following essential steps: • Establish a Law Enforcement and Terrorism Prevention Trust Fund • Fully Fund the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) at $1.1 billion • Fully Fund the Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS) Program at $1.05 billion • Fully Fund the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program at $500 million • Promote Information and Intelligence Sharing • Establish a National Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice • Enhance Police Recruitment and Retention • Reform the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act • Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban • Establish a Certified Officers Clearinghouse

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