National Institute of Justice<br>Terrorism Symposium<br>June 12-13, 2006 - Denver, Colorado

National Institute of Justice Law enforcement officials who deal with terrorism in their States, cities, and communities will learn what the research shows about what works to prevent and respond to terrorism. The conference is hosted by NIJ's International Center. Panelists will discuss research findings about common issues and invite State and local officials to describe their challenges and experiences in interactive, dynamic sessions. Topics will include:
  • How to identify warning signs.
  • What local prosecutors are doing to combat terrorism.
  • Ways to improve cooperation between law enforcement and Arab communities.
  • Securing shopping malls and seaports.
  • Money laundering: Do you know it when you see it? Who should attend: Law enforcement officials, policymakers, researchers, criminal justice practitioners, community members, public health officials, social scientists, and anyone interested in learning more about strategies to combat terrorism. Attendance is limited to 300, and registration is free, so register early. To register visit: Registration Code: 3434