2006 IACP Civil Rights Award – Deadline for applications: March 15, 2006

The IACP Civil Rights Committee recognizes a department or individual for dedication to containing and minimizing the number and serious effect of hate crimes perpetrated in communities throughout the world, and pays special tribute to any law enforcement person or organization whose professionalism, effectiveness, and visibility against hate crimes create an international model. A law enforcement agency or individual can be recognized for exceptional innovation in any of the following areas: Investigation: This category considers a noteworthy incident investigated to a successful conclusion using traditional investigative measures or the use of innovative investigative techniques focused on civil rights violations. Special attention should be given to those techniques that would be generally applicable to agencies of all sizes. Education: This category stresses some of the elements found in community policing; specifically, formal programs targeted toward both victims and offenders in civil rights cases would merit consideration. Conversely, communities with diverse ethnic compositions could work through the school systems, youth organizations or other bodies to minimize cultural conflict and emphasize the value of cultural diversity. This category might also include internal agency mechanisms designed to diminish tensions that may exist between department personnel and the community being served. Prevention: The emphasis of this category should be on proactive programs addressing civil rights violations and hate crimes. Enforcement: This category focuses on patrol-oriented programs with the stated goal of suppressing hate crimes. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2006. Application forms can be found on the IACP’s Website at http://www.theiacp.org/awards/CivilRights.